About Us
At Rupert Monuments, we work with you to meet your needs and wants. We strive to deliver the best quality products to our customers by stocking quality granite, and taking our time while setting to ensure perfection. Each stone (larger than flush markers) is set with a crane to ensure a perfect set. A crane lets us set without the chips and scratches of hand tools, and is a safer method of setting for us and our employees. We also ensure quality in our foundations because we make sure they're done right. Unlike most monument companies, our stones are not set in wet concrete. We set on top of cured cement so that, if need be, the stone is able to be moved without damage in the future. Some cemeteries may need temporary access to areas when the need arises. Being able to move the stone keeps it from getting damaged and eliminates the cost of repairs. 
  1. Truck
    Our truck is one of the best for monument setting. Having a short length, cab over design, and a rear mounted crane allows us to get into tight spaces.
  2. Crane
    Our crane allows for setting monuments quickly and easily. The extendable boom can reach over other stones to access tight spaces better.
  3. Backhoe
    We use our backhoe to dig the holes for our foundations. It allows us to dig extra deep to ensure a secure foundation. We can also use it for repair work on older stones as seen in the picture.
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